Terms Of Service For Sales .

you understand Accept and agree that with any purchase from this website.

1.Delivery can take up to 35 days opposed to the usual 30 due to some items taking longer to get to Customers and thus allow us that extra time needed. 

2. you can get an cancellation refund or return any time up to 14 days after receiving goods you do not have to give a reason.

If the goods do not arrive 35 days from the purchase day you have 14 days to notify us.

  ie any time within 49 days.

please use the form available in the main menu to apply for an refund  return or cancellation.

3. Purchase of knives Will Require Age Verification before we can process the order . you will be required to send a photo or copy of age verification id such as a driving licence passport etc via email to

Data Protection Officer Mark Antony Elliott


more info here

4.  Assassin Wear Reserves the rights to Refuse Sale To any Entity without reason at any time.

5. this website does not currently allow sales to E.U. Countries.

if an E.U. customer purchases from this site the sale will be canceled and refunded within 30 days !

E.U. customers looking to get hold of Assassin Wear Merchandise should try other outlets avalible by clicking the text at the very top of this screen or via the menu.

other outlets we use like ebay and etsy are registered to colect and pay taxes on sales to eu countries.

This website unfortunatly does not have this ability at this time and thus is curently restricted to non eu countries !

it is our hope to open this site to the E.U. at an later date.