Age Verification
Purchase of knives and other blades will require age verification.  

This is to ensure we do not sell to minors and comply with the laws And Regulations within your country.





you have the right to:

  • see any information we hold about you and correct it if it’s wrong.

  • request your data is deleted.

  • request your data is not used for certain purposes

if you have not verified your age please do so by

sending our Data Protection Officer a

copy or photo of your id showing your age.

we will not ship until you are verified.

We Will Never Share Your Personal Data With Any Other Organisation.

 Your Details Are Archived on our system to keep you verified for future orders .

Your Data Protection officer is Mark Antony Elliott.

UK D.P.O. Reference number: ZB289797


Assassin Wear owned by Company Mark Antony Elliott Company

UK D.P.O. Reference number: ZB289797

Age Verification Email

contact  or use the Verify me button on this page.