(Q) How Much Is Shipping?
(A) Worldwide Shipping is always included in the displayed price.
What you see is what you pay.


(Q) Where Do You Ship ?

(A) This website Curently only sells to non EU countries due to tax laws it is

our hope to start trading with the E.U. via this website at a later date.

other outlets such as ebay etsy etc have the legal tax rights and abilities to trade and colect / pay taxes in

E.U. countries so check out our other outlets if your an E.U. Customer.




(Q) How Long After ordering does it take for my item to arrive?  
(A) This depends on the payment type and geographic location of the buyer and manufacturer of that item. Generally this will take.
Firstly we need to receive the payment in our bank. 
Paypal 24hrs-48hrs
Other options on this Website average 10-15 Business Days
Etsy 3-6 Business days
Ebay Coming soon

Then we may have to make the item.
as we utilize 3rd party manufacturers to create some products on demand this can take 2-7 days .

Then The Product is shipped out to you. 
Depending on your location and the location of the product Manufacturer for that item

it will usually take 2-13 days in the post to most countries.

Please allow up to 35 days from the day of purchase for items to be processed and delivered.

(Q) what is your returns policy ?


You can..

Cancel your order at any time up to 14

days after receiving your order.

you do not have to give a reason 


Apply for an Return up to 14 days

from the day you receive your item for any reason.

Apply for a Refund if an item does not arrive or is in  poor condition.

up to 49 days from the date ordered. please allow up to 35 days for the item to arrive.

Buyers are responsible for the costs of postage.

please submit this form and return the item to

Assassin Wear 

109 Stephenson way




NN17 1DE

Once we have received the returned item where applicable.

and the form on the button Below. 

we will issue a refund of the Amount paid

minus any Postage costs.

(Q) Can i cancel an order ?

(A) yes up to 14 days after receipt 




(Q) Do Prices include Vat ?


(A) We Cover the Cost of Vat where applicable in the price on this Website.

What you see is the price you pay.