Brand Ambassador

Become an Ambassador and you will get a 5% discount on your personal orders from this site .

A Brand Ambassador is a loyal fan whom wants to help us grow. a customer who provides us with photos or videos showing our customers enjoying our products. They agree for us to use them for advertising or on our sales platforms like a model. or for social influencers you help by showing our products or site on your channel.  in return for your loyalty and helping us we give you a nice 5% discount on everything you buy from us personally.


Social media Ambassadors should look in to our Affiliate scheme as well to make 6% on sales through customers they reach.

Ambassadors will also get a new Ambassador Badge on this site showing they are our greatest fans that want to support Assassin Wear online.

Ambassadors can also be offered the opportunity to join us for future events.

Or deals only available to them from time to time.



There are  two ways to become an Ambassador .

1. Fans uploading Photos or Videos to our shared gallery showing our products being Enjoyed. Anyone can be selected by admins to be offered Ambassador status.

2. Social media Influencers with 50k plus followers on Instagram or subscribers on YouTube etc can apply directly Via this form.